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In today's competitive environment many companies are discovering that locating, hiring and retaining technical employees is becoming an increasingly expensive and time-consuming proposition. The use of outside firms to staff internal IT needs is proving to be a better use of company resources. At Eon Consulting, Inc. Consulting, your requirements are matched with skilled personnel from our extensive database. This database contains candidates that have been screened, tested and pre-qualified. In over ninety percent of the cases we may already have the candidates with the skill-set you are looking for. At Eon Consulting, Inc., we are continuously recruiting, interviewing, and pre-screening candidates from around the world to bring you the most qualified and talented professionals.
At Eon Consulting, Inc., we are willing to accommodate your varying needs. We provide personnel either on a straight-contract basis or on a contract-to-hire basis. You can choose your recruiting method, depending on your individual development needs.
Delivering quality product(s) on time and within budget are the primary objectives of many organizations. At Eon Consulting, Inc., we will help you achieve these objectives; firstly by speedily delivering resources and secondly by helping you to contain your costs. Using our resources, you not only save time on training, you also save on benefit costs (approximately 32%) and administrative expenses (approximately 12%). Therefore, by fulfilling your requirements quickly and with highly skilled people you can have a direct bearing on the bottom line of your company. By providing labor on an as-needed basis, projects can be staffed discreetly and fixed labor costs can be reduced.

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